Tuesday, 11 June 2019

ARC-Art Revisited Collective presents the visual arts project "The Inner Self" in Athens

A John Sugahtank Roumbanis
A Stavroula Papadaki's artwork
ARC-Art Revisited Collective founder and curator Mr. Paris Kapralos,  in collaboration with  Art Therapist & Visual Artist Miss Elena Tonikidi, presents a project exhibition "The Inner Self" which will be hosted at the ps[υ]art-therapy gallery (pronounced Psy Art -Therapy Gallery 23, Stratiotikou Syndesmou Str., Kolonaki, 106 73, Athens, and invites you to attend the opening night on Tuesday 2 July 2019 at 20:00 (8 pm ).

The project / exhibition sports artworks of the painters Marissia Deligiorgi, Ilias Kassellas Stavroula Papadaki, John Sugahtank Roubanis, and the printmaker Lito Valiatza, while the curatorial text is the result of a dialogue with the artists and the partnership of the curator Mr. Paris Kapralos with the visual artist and Art Therapist Miss Elena Tonikidi, who mutually sign the curatorial documentation. A special counter-transfer text, approaching the artist's work separately from the point of view of Art Therapy, has been developed by Miss Elena Tonikidi.

An Ilias Kasselas' artwork
The curator Mr. Paris Kapralos notes in a abstract of the curatorial text: “Myriads have stood in front of a work of art for an hour, trying to solve the puzzle what the artist thought, or wondering by what mesmerizing  thoughts and which not so bright streets have passed the primary thought that was the first spark of  its creation. Even more mysterious is often the viewer's process of visual creation to artists who present a work of symbolism, and / or purely psychoanalytic references. If the conjecture of an idea as the operative cause of our work is filled with questions where only the artist himself knows the answers, the visual creation associated with the creation of symbols depicts the subconscious or depicts the obsession that restrains the viewer. It is said that the artwork is nothing more than a self-image, a totem, for which only the artist knows the truth. Even when one has seen thousands of artist in his life, his ability to interpret an artwork is a slippery staircase on the deck of a ship during a storm. The artists themselves often find it difficult to describe the process of the birth of a work. Or, when they do it, often the process they describe does not at all resemble the "birth" as perceived by someone who is not an artist. In most of the artworks that make sense to approach critically, the Self is portrayed in a unique sense, in a new perspective, embedded and at the same time novel. In this sense, every project seems to be a new idea embedded in an image, the multiplicity of which depends, of course, on the medium of expression chosen by each artist. But how can we understand the unconscious work that leads to the seemingly perfect idea? What happens in mind during the time gap, before a new idea emerges in consciousness?

A Lito Valiatza's artwork

The psychoanalyst, Christopher Bollas, with his theory, offers a picture of the processes taking place in the psyche of the artist. […]. He argues that a special kind of intuition allows the creative person to know where to look out in the outside world to find those elements that will help in his development and also to know the semantic interpretation of the world by following lines of perception that escape the norms of perception of others in the same society. Perhaps the birth of each new work of art is a long way to go. In this sense, an artist is a person trained in intuition so that this enriched perceptual ability is refined and responds co-ordinated to elements that will promote his work. The artist often re-measures the universe, presents the unique ability to keep in mind all the different elements of the work he has before him, to move simultaneously within and out of an environment between distancing and absolute association with the concepts that while inadvertently processed, emerge imperfect in the conscious. There is a movement between the sense of unity and the productive process of the work presented to this passing artist, and the separation, the distant artist, who is necessarily almost an external observer of the process but also of the produced work. Some artists experience the experience of blending, unity and participation. [...]  Persistence, phases of internal self-centered process that are questioning and affirming at the same time, self-projection, searching for a constant in the conceptual formulation of objective reality, creation of new symbols with methodology and processes of converse consciousness and consciousness: the journey of art through alternate, with the moon and paroxysmal outbursts of the Self, becomes even more exciting when it captures it, along with questions and existential quests which, in any case, presents a difference in the mode of consciousness and the contribution of the unconscious from the "average person" (as we would say in the spoken word), reinforcing the legend of the "madman" the "cursed" or the mentally unstable, and / or overly sensitive artist".

In the complementary to the curator's note Art therapy countertransference text, Art Therapist Elena Tonikidi points out: “The works exhibitedat the “In-ner self” project invite us to a symbolic detection calling. The encouraging chord that pulsates at the sensory perception at Merleau-Ponty’s Wild Being, this visual chord that produces and begets. It procreates associatively, counter transferably as a memory/remembrance of the familiar and the forgotten sound. Encouragement, Calling, Life and at the same time Mourning, a regressive weeping of an adult “In” at the death/love duet that can Be. We can discern the way in which a calling, the phonation of the Inner in the works of  Lito Valiatza.A primeval involuntary expression at the current here and now but also at every hybrid form as the age-old need of the symbolic Other to compose one more Ego, one Being, the species, yes, Lives, Exists and we can discern at the works of Stavroula Papadakis in a narration of the hyperworldly. We distinguish in one Light the meeting of animate and inanimate, the containment of man and nature and the artworks themselves can be seen to exist unchanged in the works of Elias Kasselas, , in their inner self, within their own Inner and through their Inner, irrespective of the familiar, for us, subject in view.  A unique and at the same time clean being, a relentless production of life that derives from the creators but has also detached itself from them. They are selves/faces/bodies that accept their soul, in a metaphysical way, fictional bodies that become souls and that will be given/consumed/eaten by other bodies/inner selves. The artists attempted and incorporated an appealing embodiment, a rhythmic dimension as we can detect at the figures of  John Sugahtank Roumbanis. A verbal pictorial sound that is produced at the chronicity and as of the narcissistic In, with the organicity of its body/space and as one ego in the World to be traced in the works of María Deligiorgi. All the works by the artists multiplied the sound and the Echo. They discharge and transmute the first trauma of Being, the trauma of birth in its continuous search towards a cure. One Inner mirroring in every occasion that wearing its luxurious dresses the Inner self will relate searching for its twin. Follow their lead". 

The exhibition will take place from 2 to 27 July and the Psy Art Gallery is open with free entrance for the public Tuesday & Thursday 11.00 - 21.00 throughout the exhibition. The gallery accepts visits and after consultation for private tours by appointment (contact Miss Eva Gravaria at 0030  697 089 8814 & 0030 6955647994 ).

About  ARC -Art Revisited Collective
ARC - Art Revisited Collective is a group of visual artists who have joined forces to promote their art and create a vehicle to support their vision and collaboration, able to support actions, displaying a comprehensive view of contemporary art today. The group is co-ordinated by the Art Curator Mr. Paris Kapralos. Find out more at arcgreece.blogspot.com

About ps[υ]art-therapy gallery
 ps[υ]art-therapy gallery (pronounced Psy Art -Therapy Gallery) is the continuation and the official development of Art Therapy in Greece, a project by the institution "Psychology-Art". It functions as an 'intermediate space' where dialogues between art, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology can remain open to new ideas, insights, associations, inspiration, reflections, awareness, and fertile conflicts. Find out more at www.facebook.com/ps.Art.Therapy

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