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ARTKALLISTA | Τhe World of Art is a fairy tale

Ivanova Kallista Samvelovna is an artist from Russia, with Armenian roots; she is the author of new trends in the art world. Kallista creates unusual decorative paintings using author's technique and is also the creator of modern designs of prints for clothes, dishes and accessories.   Ivanova Kallista is married and has two children. She has a higher education and works in the field of contemporary art, creating exclusive decorative paintings. She participated in solo and international art exhibitions. Kallista uses the author's technique of creating decorative paintings and works in a completely new art style. She is the ancestor of a new art trend. Many competent experts are unanimous in that the work of Kallista Ivanova is a single-piece, an icon of art, beauty and style.   Kallista's great-grandfather was a decorationist. She created decoration stencils, painted walls, designed sketches for carpets and much more.

Recently, we had the chance to view closely her surreal paintings in a solo exhibition in Myro Gallery in Thessaloniki, Greece, and in a group exhibition which has taken place in the same gallery in June, curated by the established Greek artist Evi Kirma, organized by Myro Antiques House,  with the title "3-day ART in 3 BIDS", organized under the auspices of Greek Gallerist & Antiquarian  Stavros Muronidis.

The mission of the artist is to show the beauty and charm of life, express vivid emotions and inspire for new feats and deeds.  One may see satirical images and sarcasm in the works, but at the heart of them there are love, passion, beauty, strength, prosperity, power, respect, confidence and comfort.  I try to express those feelings and emotions on which man's path to a beautiful and happy life has been based for thousands of years.

The term ARTKALLISTA (English: art; Greek: kallista - the most beautiful) means fine art. This is an art that excites fantasies and pleases the eye; an art that guides and inspires; an art that demonstrates truth, feelings and cultivates love for the beautiful. The leitmotiv of artkallista is beautiful fantasies, love, feelings, beauty in all its aspects, naivete, wellness, confidence, comfort, respect and power.

Myro Antiques House in Thessaloniki shows an extensive collection of artworks by ArtKallista, among other collections
which include valuable antiques and art. Find out more at
The main distinguishing features of this art movement are varieties of acrylic painting and decorative art. The works are based on dimensional decorative elements, multiple layers, different details, bright and fresh colours, metallic and gold pigments. The artist works like a sculptor to create dimensional forms with the help of brushes and palette knives on canvas. The mix of deep meaning and aesthetic beauty truly makes such works masterpieces of modern art. Depending on the lighting such works are constantly changing their colour composition, and this way the very image of the created works change as well. Paintings fascinate with a rich colour palette and dimensional details. A subtle perception of beauty fills with powerful energy.
This is something new, perfect and even naive ... One can feel the trend of a new style, new wave, new time in this art movement...

Related art movements: ARTKALLISTA art movement is partly associated with artdeco, art nouveau, modernism, primitivism, futurism, surrealism, cubism and avant-gardism.

In the strict sense the ARTKALLISTA art movement is considered to be experimenting with new concepts and trends, while the image can be simplified, but not at the expense of quality. The works are created with the use of multilayered images and sculptural painting as well as metallic acrylic pigments, gold or gold leaf.

Quote: For me, the World of Art is a fairy tale.

Find out ore about this magnificent Russian Artist at

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